Mark and Theresa Chatterton now returned from their early March 2019 visit to Liberia. During this packed five day visit they wnt to our schools and met the children that the fund sponsors, seeing for themselves the great progress since 2018.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters! If ever you needed affirmation of the tremendous impact of your continued involvement, it is illustrated vividly in the short films , images and words below.

Every one of the children and young adults featured is receiving an education that, we hope, will allow them to realise their potential,enhance their prospects and go on to contributing to a self-sustaining society.

The films and pictures below will be collated into a fuller report shortly but we trust they give you a good flavour of our activities in Liberia.

The welcome Mark and Theresa have received has been so warm, as you can see in the film and this picture:

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sdcf Liberia 2019 c.jpg

When they return we will issue a much fuller report on their visit and the great progress they have witnessed, progress vividly illustrated by this picture of the school library taken a day or two ago. All of these books have been purchased and supplied because you walk, cycle,take part in a quiz, buy a hoody or sponsor.

SDCF Liberia2019 A.jpg

Mathematics in Brewerville is still mathematics!

sdcf Liberia 2019 d.jpg

Mark and Theresa’s trip continues, including unveiling new toilet/washroom blocks at Babyma Junction,funded by the Fund as part of helping the community to have basic support in their everyday lives. The Toilets are so much more than basic sanitation, also being seen as a rape prevention initiative for the women of the area. Fuller details of will follow in our newsletter in late March.

We also distributed some new rucksacks for all the children in the school so that they could carry precious books and pencils into school from home and met the school Principal, David Flower (pictured below).

The third day of the trip was once again joyous, this time spent with VOS (Volunteers of Sean). This organisation includes n the remit food security and production as well as education and, once again, Mark and Theresa were enthused by the efforts and successes of the children and their families,

The film below and the pictures below give you a flavour of the day and more will follow in our newsletter.

sdcf liberia 2019 VOS b.jpg
SDCF Liberia 2019 VOS c.jpg
SDCF Liberia 2019 VOS a.jpg

This film is a powerful illustration of the power of education from one of Sean’s ex pupils:

Mark and Theresa pictured with David Flower (far left), Amadu and the Liberian Education minister

Mark and Theresa pictured with David Flower (far left), Amadu and the Liberian Education minister

Departure day after a rewarding five days!

Departure day after a rewarding five days!