Sean's story

Sean Devereux was assassinated in Somalia in 1993 whilst working on a food distribution programme for UNICEF.  



Sean's family lived in Yateley in Hampshire and he was educated at Salesian College in Farnborough. The Salesians are a teaching order and it was this background that led to him entering teacher training after school and his first teaching role was at Salesian College in Chertsey.

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"In adverse and often dangerous circumstances, Sean showed complete dedication to his work. Sean was an exemplary staff member and gave his life serving others. Sean was a real solider of Peace."

(UN Secretary General, Dr Boutros Boutros-Ghali)

Since 1993, the fund (originally called the Sean Devereux Liberian Children's Fund) has generated over £1.25m for children in Liberia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Somalia amongst others.

We estimate that over 11 sea containers full of equipment and supplies have been shipped in that time.