Underway in Abu Dhabi

The Liberian team of 3 are now in Abu Dhabi and participating in the Special Olympics, the world’s largest humanitarian sporting event. The opening parade of the Olympics is featured below:

We hope to issue further live updates from Maureen and Theresa who are at the event. In the meantime the link to results and our athletes can be found HERE

Maureen, resolutely and passionately believed that if the Liberian children could be included they could not only represent their country by showing their amazing performance skills in a positive light on a World Stage, but they could also be an inspiration to other children in Liberia, especially those who are marginalised with disabilities, allowing them to become accepted within their own communities and within their own homes.

During his time in Liberia, Sean used sport as a platform for peace, breaking down barriers and helping children including those with disabilities become widely accepted

Knowing that the programme will become sustainable after the Games was fundamental in supporting the Liberian team.

The team is managed by the Rev Caleb who knew Sean from his time in Liberia.The full training team is 9 and they are already a vital part of the community and they will be cheering on their three friends who made the 10,000 mile trip!